September 2012 Featured Artist

Eric Cobb

I am a palette knife artist local to the Pensacola, Florida area. I have been involved with art in one form or another since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Throughout the years I made a gradual transition from photo realism pencil drawings to pastels, then from watercolors to more impressionistic oil/acrylic. Nothing was as fulfilling to me as painting with an impasto palette knife technique. Painting with a palette knife frees me from the trap of trying to be too exact, instead keeping my paintings loose.
In August of 2002 I moved to Pensacola, Florida to complete my B.S. in Computer Information Systems at the University of West Florida. I currently work as a Technical Specialist for the government. As a child, I used art as a creative outlet and, more simply, as a means of enjoyment. Today, I find that painting is not only for the sake of satisfaction, but an excellent release from the analytical side of the work I do every day. We all have hobbies, obsessions, and interests that provide a means to expression; mine happens to be art, and using palette knives to create art is my means to satisfaction.


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