March 2013 Featured Artist

John Higdon

I have been interested in Photography since age 8 when I bought my first camera. I have gone through several since then but the vast majority of my work to include most you see here is on traditional 35mm slide. I have used digital cameras for a small portion of my work and have been using computer programs ( Photoshop ) to rework some into a completely different type of work, though these are easily recognized from my traditional work. I strive to keep my work on par with that of most artiststic photographers. I enjoy using the camera to portray what I am thinking and feeling as I look through the lens.

I use a Nikon 5000 ED film scanner then post it online. I also print my work using a Epson 2200 Giclee printer and use only high quality media ( mostly Epson Smooth Fine Art paper ) to print my unlimited edition series works.

I am very open to all types of art and do not in any way think that because my work is mostly film that the digital work from either a digital camera or that composed on a computer is in any way less of an art form. I view art  to be in the eye of the maker as well as the beholder.

I use traditional means to capture my work for two reasons. First it is more tangible than a file on a computer. A slide in a sealed plastic folder is much less susceptible to damage and ruin then a computer file on a hard drive. I also believe that the digital cameras still do not capture, to my liking anyway, the feel and color of the of traditional photographic media. Maybe I have used film for so long it is just what I like.

I will also start to post works I have created with everything from graphite pencil drawings to mixed media, paints, mosaics sculptures, wood and every possible media available to mankind. I have as of late been experimenting with all types of media and will be perusing to gain technical proficiency and artistic license to be able to voice my emotions through the new works I create. I will still hold fast to Photography as I still greatly enjoy it yet need to expand my portfolio of art to include other media. I have received very good feedback to include several purchases of this type of work and do enjoy expanding my artistic range.

If you are interested in my work we can talk about augmenting your gallery’s artists or be part of an up coming show. I have been very fortunate to have been chosen for many shows both solo and mixed and do want to continue to seek out new venues to exhibit my work.

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