March 2012 Featured Artist

Sandy Klotter

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sandy Klotter attended Kent State University and the University of Cincinnati.  College. She has lived in the Pensacola area for the past 25 years and much of her work is inspired by coastal wildlife and outdoor scenes.

Achieving beauty in art and design is the focus of Sandy Klotter’s life. This has been a continual learning process with formal training, workshops and experimentation.

Most of her work begins with an abstract representation in acrylic and is finished realistically with watercolors, acrylics or a combination of mediums. Mixed media, including photography combined with other mediums, has also become a standard.

The details are often of wildlife or nature scenes, which give a subtle lost and found effect. Colors are muted to bright but always “home” friendly for today’s contemporary living.

Her work is primarily marketed to designers and select galleries for placement in fine homes along the gulf coast and other areas. Artwork has also been placed in office buildings, banks, casinos and condominiums from  Florida to Louisiana.

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