June 2012 Featured Artist

 Jeff Spade 


“A fine line is the only separation between reality and what is totally abstract”

After many years working in the Automotive Prototype Industry in corporate
graphics and communications, I decided to pursue my passion for painting
and moved on to a full time career as a professional artist. My company name
is ACEART since 2002.

“Having the freedom to paint with all my devotion has made a tremendous
impact on how I do things now.  How I lead my life now has really changed.
With all the disciplines and traditional restraints now broken, one gets a
feeling from the work that clearly demonstrates this display of passion and

Painting soft imaginative abstract formations on canvas have been my
favorite subject for many years.  Acrylics- as a primary medium using a mix of
“Old World” color with a “New World” look and feel. I am determined to work
each piece a little different with texture and color. These fundamental basics
have been the balance and break though for many of the works. Painting with
more open flare and expression seems to release new attitudes and
sensations, thus allowing my sub consciousness to take over on shapes.  I
manage to struggle at times with the amount of detail by avoiding any hard
lines…but I still end up using these strings of life.

In addition to canvas works come the “Winedows”, they are my unique
creations done on reverse glass. After several years on the
travel circuit, they have become my most popular items.

Thanks to all my many customers and clients who now collect my works. I look
forward to meeting you again during this year 2012.   


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