December 2012 Featured Artist

Polly S Crongeyer

An award-winning photographer, Polly’s passion for both photography and travel has taken her from Pensacola to Punhaka, visiting locations and cultures as diverse as the boulevards of Paris and the barrios of Havana. She focuses on environmental portraits and a sense of place – that which makes each culture and venue unique. Her ability to connect with people, even without sharing a common language, enables her to bring back candid, colorful, compelling images. Through her photography she exposes us to alternate ways of living, dressing, eating, building, celebrating, and communicating. In sharing her images she inspires us and broadens our own horizons through her novel vision.

When she is not traveling, Polly lives on the Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida, where she enjoys capturing the unique environment produced by the region’s combination of exquisite light and water.

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