August 2012 Featured Artist

Trevor Daughtry

Photography has been of great interest to me since the early 1990’s.  I began taking photography classes in California and studied at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  I am passionate about my photography and exploring what nature has to offer then capturing a moment in time.  Wherever I go, I am always observing, discovering, and looking to exhibit the nature of things.
My primary goal on every fine art photograph I have ever created has been to find something different to observe and then capture it in a way that allows my audience a perspective they might never have thought to realize.  My instincts dictate what subject matter I choose to use for black and white images.  The style, picture quality, and medium of my photography has expanded over the years.
My current photography work focuses on photo-montages.  The process starts off with finding a subject then taking numerous pictures by changing the camera position.  I then download the images to my computer and start piecing them together.  I began this process many years ago with large prints.  Most of my images have come from trips to the Florida Keys, Georgia, Maine, Las Vegas, New Orleans, parts of Alabama, California, and areas around Northwest Florida.  Recently I started doing selective color on some of the newer images taken since November of 2011.
The style, picture quality, and medium of my photography has expanded over the years, especially recently with a new camera added to my photo equipment.  I look forward to photographing more areas and subjects to share with the world as I envision it.
Trevor Daughtry

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