September 26th Art Night on the Bayfront

Join us for a very special Art Night on the Bayfront this month!

In addition to our always outstanding group of local artists and musicians, we will also have two very special features.

ARC Gateway will have an area where they will be selling items made by the individuals in their programs. In addition Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille will donate $10 for every item they sell. Come out and support this great organization!

Additionally one of our artists, Ron Jordan, will be giving away commemorative posters!!!

For Immediate Release
Commemorative Poster of Spanish tall ship Elcano to be available at “Art Night on the Bayfront” Pensacola, FL – A unique photograph of the Spanish tall ship Juan Sebastián de Elcano at sea during its visit for Pensacola’s 450th anniversary celebrations has been featured on a souvenir poster by Pensacola photographer Ron Jordan. The scene in the photograph was captured from an aircraft 500 feet above the Gulf of Mexico while the ship was sailing into the gulf following its visit to Pensacola. The image was taken as the ship was departing Pensacola bay following its celebratory stopover in 2009.
“The ship did not carry her sails while in Pensacola Bay, so the only way I could capture her actually sailing on the wind was from an aircraft after she departed” said Jordan, who deliberately captured a portion of the aircraft’s wing in the image, which provides an intriguing example of juxtaposed timeframe. The image is titled “Time Warp”. Jordan is offering 100 copies of the commemorative poster (at no charge) to members of the public attending the ‘Art Night on the Bayfront’ event on Wednesday, Sept 26th at Avenida King Juan Carlos I Promenade adjacent to the marina at the end of Palafox in downtown Pensacola. The Pilot in Command of the aircraft, Mr. Uwe Henseler will also be in attendance. Starting at 5:00 p.m. he and Jordan will be available to sign the posters. A large 48-inch wide, infused aluminum print of the photograph will also be on display at the event.

Art Night on the Bayfront July 25th

Come join us Wednesday the 25th from 4pm till Sunset for another great Art night on the Bayfront. We will have about 40 artists for you to pick from as well as music and many more activities. The Pensacola Museum of Art will have a fun interactive kids activity so make sure and bring the whole family. What better way to spend your Wednesday night than enjoying Art on our beautiful Bayfront!