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Join us October 5th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. as we welcome this month’s featured artist and sample wine!

Loren Miller

Loren Miller is an award winning artist living in Pensacola, Florida. His work has been featured in many local and international publications.

His work is a mixture of strict classical training and modern ideals and designs. His work strives to not only produce a likeness of the subject, but to capture the character and soul.

Loren can often be seen spending time outdoors and teaching various classes around Pensacola.

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Join us September 7th for this month’s Featured Artist

Join us September 7th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. as we welcome this month’s featured artist and sample wine!

Rick Russell


I spend my days pursuing my one true passion: painting. For me, creating art is a form of meditation. I paint to escape. I paint to explore. As a medically retired Gulf War Veteran, I also paint to heal. My obsession with painting began when I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of seven. I’ve tried not to limit myself to one style. Instead, I keep an open mind that allows me to embrace different subjects and mediums that speak to me. Today, my passion for art is stronger than ever and I hope it’s reflected in every piece I create.

Click here to learn more about Rick Russell.

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Check out this month’s Featured Artist!

Join us August 3rd from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. as we welcome this month’s featured artist and sample wine!

Eric Cobb

“I am a palette knife artist local to the Pensacola, Florida area. I have been involved with art in one form or another since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Throughout the years I made a gradual transition from pencil drawings to pastels, then from watercolors to oil/acrylic. Nothing was as fulfilling to me as painting with a palette knife. Painting with a palette knife frees me from the trap of trying to be too exact, instead keeping my paintings loose.”

“I currently work as a Technical Specialist for the government. As a child, I used art as a creative outlet and, more simply, as a means of enjoyment. Today, I find that painting is not only for the sake of satisfaction, but an excellent release from the analytical side of the work I do every day. We all have hobbies, obsessions, and interests that provide a means to expression; mine happens to be art, and using palette knives to create art is my means to satisfaction.”

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Join us July 6th for this month’s Featured Artist!

Heather Mitchell

Sensitivity and fine detail are the hallmarks of Heather Mitchell’s artwork. Her meticulous renderings are often mistaken for paintings or photographs. She specializes in colored pencil depictions of wildlife and domestic animals, using her own photographs for reference. Moving to Pensacola two years “post-Ivan,” Heather has enjoyed seeing this city renew and blossom. She is inspired by the coast, wetlands, and especially local wildlife.
“Nothing excites me or intimidates me more than a blank sheet of paper and a freshly sharpened pencil.”
A self-taught artist who began her career in 2010, Heather’s work has won numerous awards, and is exhibited in several galleries along the Gulf Coast, including Quayside Art Gallery here in Pensacola. She likes to lend artistic support to the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida, and will be this year’s WildFest artist. She has also published illustrated articles and artwork in several national publications. Heather gives workshops and presentations, teaches adult classes, gives private lessons, and accepts commissions.

For more information on commissions or classes, email: or call (850) 361-7290.

Facebook: HeatherMitchellDraws

Instagram: HeatherMitchellDraws

Twitter: HMitchellDraws

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June Art à la Carte

Join us Wednesday, June 1st from 5-8pm, as we welcome this months featured artist, Tobbe Byrd.

Being a Pensacola, Florida native I have access to all the treasures of the Gulf of Mexico. It has given me many subjects to transform into metal works of art. Each piece of art is created by hand; therefore no one piece is identical.

I have been diving and fishing for over 20 years and have seen my subjects in their natural environment. I use this to my advantage in trying to make each piece of aquatic art as realistic as possible.

Once I have drawn out the design I transfer the drawing to at flat sheet of stainless or plain steel and cut the shape out with a manually operated plasma cutter. After cutting out the piece of art, I de-burr and polish the piece. This process gives you the final product that you see… Enjoy!!

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Join us April 6th to meet this years PSC Sunset Photo Contest winner and featured artist

2016 PSC Advanced Photography Sunset Photo Contest Winner

Paula Preston Turner

Paula Preston Turner is a Fine Art Photography student at Pensacola State College and set to graduate in May 2016. Paula’s background includes traditional black and white and color darkroom printing techniques in film and digital media. She is a recipient of three scholarship awards from the Pensacola State College student honors exhibition and an award from Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille in their annual Sunset Photo Contest.

Paula’s love of nature is expressed in her fine art lumen prints; a cameraless process dating back to the 1800’s. While traveling rural back roads she has discovered derelict time capsules filled with dust-covered objects, which allows her photography to resonate with stories from the past.

Contact Info:


Join us from 5-8PM and sample some great wines while you enjoy Paula’s art

gavi-la-rocca tenuta_frescobaldi_bottiglia_spalla_2011



Join us March 2nd

Join us March 2nd as we welcome this months featured artist Lindsey Gray and announce our winner and runner up of the Pensacola State College Advanced Photography Sunset Photo Contest.


Lindsey Gray Artist Biography

Lindsey was born in Long Island, NY and raised in Gulf Breeze, FL.  Since an adolescent, Lindsey has always been interested and moved by art. Her passion for the arts is more of a craving or a need, if you will, than simply a desire. She is currently a Bachelor of Studio Arts student at UWF and will graduate this year.

Artist Statement

My paintings explore the relationships between modern techniques and traditional German expressionism. I am often inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Egon Shiele, and Robert Delaunay. As I continue my studies, I find myself intrigued by the process of purpose. I enjoy experiencing personal growth through new inspirations, and leaving the viewer with possibilities of what is to come.

Contact Information:


C: 850.501.2880



PSC Photo Contest link

March Featured Wines

BF_PinotGrigio_NV_750ml_BTL BF_Merlot_NV_750ml_BTL

2016 Pensacola State College Advanced Photography Program, Jaco’s Sunset Photo Contest

For the third year, Jaco’s will host the Pensacola State College Advanced Photography Program “Jaco’s Sunset Contest” as part of the Art à la carte monthly featured artist series. This is the final semester for students in the program whose curriculum includes obtaining experience in exhibiting their work. Jaco’s is excited to partner with PSC again this year to give these students not only the opportunity to exhibit their work, but also to support them in their artistic aspirations. The students determine the best photographs to submit and display in the restaurant on February 3. That evening from 5 to 8 p.m. there will be a special reception where the public is invited to meet the students, discuss their submissions, begin casting their votes, and even enjoy samples of featured wines.

Throughout the month of February, the public is encouraged to visit Jaco’s and vote for their favorite photo. Voting can also be done on Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille’s Facebook page. At the end of voting on March 2nd, organizers will tally all the votes where a winner and runner-up will be selected. Both will receive an award and a prize. The winner will also be one of Jaco’s Art à la carte featured artists for a future month which gives them the opportunity to have an independent exhibit of his or her work.

Come help support Pensacola State College and a future artist by casting your vote during the competition in the restaurant or on our Facebbok contest page