Artist Listing


Here is a partial list of the artists that will be attending

Spring Fling on the Bayfront

March 2nd & 3rd 

Ron Roland acrylic
Joe Fussner Airbrush
Simona Rosasco glass
Scott Novota Glass
Jeff Spade glass paintings
Karen Armstrong Granite oil lamps
Brandy Blaylock jewelry
Meredith Hartsfield Jewelry
Jay Barrow jewelry
Christine Chandler Jewelry
John Steagal jewelry
Marilynn Ordonez Jewelry
Irene Doherty Isom Jewelry
Elke Van Dyke Jewelry
Doljai Thomas jewelry
Evie Davis jewelry
Yvone Berg knitted
Dean Zimmerman Leather
David Vigo Mixed Media
Loren Miller oil
Tom Smith Oil/Acrylic
Rick Russell Oil/Acrylic
Todd Bowman paint
Marie Gossom Paintings
Rafi Perez paintings
Marty Campbell photography
Jim Sweida Photography
Dan Rolett photography
John Higdon photography
Brad Brandon photography
Katherine Joseph photography
Jim Paulis Pottery
Theresa Zahn Pottery
Marylin McDonald-Dorsey Sculptures/photography
Robin Green Soaps
Lucy Jones stained glass
Konstyantyn Sylin watercolor
Paul Bravo wood bowls

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